'A million times' by Humans since 1982 by siena scarff

Very mesmerizing. What a stunning installation.

'A million times' by Humans since 1982 from Humans since 1982 on Vimeo.

Humans since 1982 was invited by Design Days Dubai to create a special project for the design fair which takes place 18 - 21 March in Downtown Dubai.
On this special occasion Humans Since 1982 created a 3,44 metre long kinetic clock installation; A million times. The installation is based on almost 300 interconnected analogue clocks. Each clock contains 2 motors to drive the minute and hour-hand independently, creating a choreography. Together, all clocks create one giant display, showcasing customizable texts, patterns and graphics.
With this unique installation Humans since 1982 finalised the clock projects; the clocks escape from its solely pragmatic existence. Usually locked in its functionality to show the time, there is another natural character inherent in an analogue clock. ‘’With its two arms rotating around the centre a clock always dances in slow motion. Shaping out this hidden quality without denying a clocks primary purpose was our goal’’ Per and Bastian clarify.

Rooms Filled with Thousands of Balloons by somesiena



Scattered Crowd is a magnificent spacial installation featuring thousands of balloons by German choreographerWilliam Forsythe. The multi-disciplined artist forces visitors to his site-specific installation to not only take in the gorgeous, magical effect of the piece, but to also interact with the space.

Walking through a maze of dreamy white balloons varying in size and opacity, one can't help but become part of the piece in an unusual dance whose choreography lies in the audience's own power. Whether they choose to physically touch or delicately maneuver around each suspended balloon is entirely up to them. Forsythe's intention with the piece is to reflect human emotion and decision. The abstract representation is, in fact, a catalyst in an interesting performance put on by visitors themselves.

Breathtaking Rooms Filled with Thousands of Balloons - My Modern Metropolis.