Rooms Filled with Thousands of Balloons by somesiena



Scattered Crowd is a magnificent spacial installation featuring thousands of balloons by German choreographerWilliam Forsythe. The multi-disciplined artist forces visitors to his site-specific installation to not only take in the gorgeous, magical effect of the piece, but to also interact with the space.

Walking through a maze of dreamy white balloons varying in size and opacity, one can't help but become part of the piece in an unusual dance whose choreography lies in the audience's own power. Whether they choose to physically touch or delicately maneuver around each suspended balloon is entirely up to them. Forsythe's intention with the piece is to reflect human emotion and decision. The abstract representation is, in fact, a catalyst in an interesting performance put on by visitors themselves.

Breathtaking Rooms Filled with Thousands of Balloons - My Modern Metropolis.

Inbook Charging Stations by somesiena

This is a very needed item in my house on the bedside table. Of course, I would prefer a white book.  I Love this.

In this day and age of never ending cords for our multiple gadgets and their myriad functions, it’s nice to see a charger camouflaged in an old book. Yes, for true (sentimental) bibliophiles, it hurts a tiny bit to know that a book has been put out to pasture, but it’s certainly a relief to know it’s not been chucked into some landfill, and it’s doing a different job altogether. The book acts as housing for a charger (it’s a solid unit), and means there’s no losing the cord behind your nightstand or desk.

Designed to be compatible with iPods and iPhones (iPod/nano/touch, iPhone 3G, 3GS & iPhone 4G), accommodates sync and charge functions via a USB cable, wall connector is not included.

inbook Charging Stations — ACCESSORIES -- Better Living Through Design.

Stories that Crumble by somesiena






I find this work just stunning in a  take your breath away kind of way. Oh, to see this in person.

CNJPUS TEXT is the latest work from Tokyo-based artist Ryo Shimizu. The text is formed by using strokes borrowed from Chinese characters and then restructuring them into letters of the Roman alphabet. Via artist a day:

Ryo Shimizu Creates Immense Stories that Crumble from Gallery Walls

Pools to drool over by somesiena



Les Bains Des Docks Aquatic Center in Le Havre, France, is the brain child of designer Jean Nouvel, a stunning center of relaxation inspired by classic Roman baths.  Les Bains Des Docks is an indoor/outdoor facility with pools, saunas, waterfalls and steam rooms that connect with humanity’s fascination with water.  The design is clean, calming and geometric, featuring inset rectangular boxes that provide character inside and out.  The architecture is largely color neutral, where the water and the bodies within it provide much of the organic character.  The exception is a bright and vivid playroom for children on the side of the indoor section of the facility.

Les Bains Des Docks is not an exclusive resort, it is open to the public for both Le Havres and the have-nots.  Entry costs 5 euros per person before group, youth or senior discounts.  If you’re in Le Havre or nearby, let us know about your experience.  In the mean time, we’ll admire it from afar.