Immersion Project Kickstarter by siena scarff


This looks like a very interesting KickStarter project turning the focus on the computer user. A that place I know, for me to much time is spent. 

Participate in the creation of a book and exhibitions about our interactions with screens and screen-based media.

Inbook Charging Stations by somesiena

This is a very needed item in my house on the bedside table. Of course, I would prefer a white book.  I Love this.

In this day and age of never ending cords for our multiple gadgets and their myriad functions, it’s nice to see a charger camouflaged in an old book. Yes, for true (sentimental) bibliophiles, it hurts a tiny bit to know that a book has been put out to pasture, but it’s certainly a relief to know it’s not been chucked into some landfill, and it’s doing a different job altogether. The book acts as housing for a charger (it’s a solid unit), and means there’s no losing the cord behind your nightstand or desk.

Designed to be compatible with iPods and iPhones (iPod/nano/touch, iPhone 3G, 3GS & iPhone 4G), accommodates sync and charge functions via a USB cable, wall connector is not included.

inbook Charging Stations — ACCESSORIES -- Better Living Through Design.

tri-foot coat hanger by siena scarff
























more things to want. ah.

greek designer yiannis ghikas has created the tri-foot coat hanger ‘game of trust’ with the intention ‘to trust and to be trusted, to support and to be supported, creating a seemingly fragile but yet viable state of equilibrium.’ the construction consists of three identical y-shaped elements, each one supporting and at the same time is supported by one of the others, resulting in an embrace that transforms the units into one. made of solid wood, modular, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to pack and easy to carry. the coat hanger was on display at milan design week 2011 by miniform. (via yiannis ghikas: game of trust)