Vintage Mugshots from the 1920s by siena scarff

I find this blog post by The Sifter fascinating, take a look. The photographs are beautifully composed and quite striking. 

"The Sifter recently stumbled upon an incredible collection of vintage mugshots housed by the Historic Houses Trust. Many of these intriguing photographs are also accompanied by a description of the person and the crime(s) they have committed. For example, the image above of Mr. William Stanley Moore was taken May 1st, 1925. The caption describes him as: an opium dealer operating with large quantities of faked opium and cocaine. Also a wharf labourer and associates with water front thieves and drug traders."



At the Gardner Museum, Greenery Ties Old to New - by siena scarff


It's cool to see my photo in an article in the New York TImes Arts section. I wish they did spell my name right. 

The article describes the Gardner Museum's ongoing commitment to landscape, old, and new. Check it out. 

Immersion Project Kickstarter by siena scarff


This looks like a very interesting KickStarter project turning the focus on the computer user. A that place I know, for me to much time is spent. 

Participate in the creation of a book and exhibitions about our interactions with screens and screen-based media.