→ Siena Scarff arrived with an early passion for art/design, keeping daily journals of curated images torn from magazines and sketched over to make them her own. Her enthusiasm for simple yet effective execution grew into a lifelong love for quality and creativity. Siena worked as a photo-stylist in Chicago for over 10 years and earned a reputation for innovative and stylish design. She now works as a graphic designer, and runs a small design shop, Siena Scarff Design. She is a firm believer in white space, and clean design. She now calls Cambridge, Massachusetts home. When she’s not in her office she can be found working on her never ending house projects, walking her Boston Terrier, making paintings and photographs, not sleeping, and loving her family. 


→ somesiena.com was created in 2009 out of Siena’s own obsession with design and images as a sort of daily visual archive journal. It is meant to provide a archive for things that she comes across come across on 
a day-to-day basis. These are some of the things that are happy, 
bits of inspiration, and random thoughts.

If you would like to say “hi”, share a link, have a question, please e-mail me.