NEW WORK | Landscape Tunings | OFICINAA by siena scarff

LANDSCAPE TUNINGS available now through Actar Publishers!

A delightful mix of essays, tactical interventions, design concepts, and ideas.

Authored by Silvia Benedito and Alexander Häusler, the book examines the design potentials of the Danube River as a civic anchor, a bioclimatic medium, and a space for collective imagination in the city of Ingolstadt, Germany. With contributions by Gunther Vogt,  Andres Lepik, Renate Preßlein-Lehle and Simone Schimpf, the book offers multiple insights and is a pleasure to look through. Book design by Siena Scarff.

Marcus Lyon | Exodus by siena scarff

These are going on my wishlist.  

"Exodus is an exploration of the most significant migrations of the early 21st Century. As the ability of humans, goods and services to circumnavigate the planet increases exponentially we are left disconnected from a simple view of our common identity. Indeed, as our economic and geo-political differences intensify, the unstoppable movement and expansion of actual and digital assets challenge the power of the individual in society, the state and corporations to control opinions, actions and environments. Exodus provokes questions concerning the biggest changes in contemporary society through large-scale representations of the key themes that influence globalisation in the modern world.

Signed Limited Edition Digital Fibre Museum Bareyte Print float mounted on aluminium. Each work is produced in an edition of 7 and is printed at 1600 x 800mm."

Hakanaï by siena scarff

"Hakanaï is the union of two Japanese characters—one meaning “man” and the other “dream”—used to define the ephemeral and the fragile. In this dreamlike environment, a single dancer moves within a cube, interacting with the images projected on its walls, tracing arcing parabolas and sine waves with hands, arms, and feet."

Woven Portraits | David Samuel Stern by siena scarff


Quite mesmerizing.  

"These images are the result of physically weaving together two photographic prints of the same subject. They are an attempt to bridge dignified, direct portraits with a sort of abstraction that allows their subjects to hide within themselves, and the photographs to be distinctly physical objects. In hiding some things, we reveal others. " David Samuel Stern


Impact | Miranda Brandon by siena scarff

Impact Birds by Miranda BrandonBeautifully disturbing studies.

"While volunteering for the Audubon's BirdSafe program I collected many birds that met untimely deaths due to collisions with built structures. Displayed are some of the birds I found, fully intact with everything that they were, aside from a conscience and a pulse." Miranda Brandon

PRINT magazine awards Siena Scarff Design by siena scarff

PRINTmag awards Siena Scarff Design for two projects in the latest Regional Design Awards. ORD:Documenting the Definitive Modern Airport, Gardner Museum Landscape Lectures 2013-14


The six regional judges evaluated nearly 4,000 entries and selected winning projects that demonstrated an ideal mix of design, communication concepts, strategy and execution. Designers and creative teams representing individuals, small firms and major corporations and organizations were among the entrants. Submissions were judged by an expert panel featuring AIGA medalist Michael Vanderbyl, WIRED design director Caleb Bennett, Duffy & Partners design director Joseph Duffy, AIGA medalist Alexander Isley, AIGA medalist Jessica Helfand, and Sterling Brands design division president Debbie Millman.